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Quality food, made fresh, just the way you want it!

Fresh Cooked Tortillas

Made in-house daily

At Texas Taco Kitchen we pride ourselves on the quality of our products.  From the high quality proteins to the fresh vegetables we prepare.  We feel that if we are going to put so much effort into our fillings, we need to wrap it all up in a quality tortilla.  Our tortillas are made in-house and cooked to order for the highest quality and freshness.


Our Restaurant

Texas Taco Kitchen was opened on March 11th, 2020 by Nikki and Jordan Melchor.  After spending 20 years in the Restaurant Business, we decided to open our own Concept.  Our goal was to create a restaurant that we would want to eat at daily.  At Texas Taco Kitchen we take tremendous pride in the quality of product that we serve to our guests.  Jordan comes from a BBQ background, so quality meat has always been on the forefront.  We have dedicated ourselves to only accept and serve top quality products.  We are a scratch kitchen and we love to showcase our ingredients. 

Come on in and let us show you what we're all about!

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Give us a call to place your order or use our online ordering. We'd love to hear from you! 512-548-5383
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